Greenbank Hollow Farm

GreenBank Hollow Farm is set among the Green Mountains of Vermont and owned by Bruce Brink and Patty Sullivan. Bruce and Patty have decades of experience as breeders and trainers of exceptional Morgans and Irish Setters.

Greenbank Hollow Farm is known for raising superior Sport Morgans.

Foal Our first foal of 2017. The dam of the filly Ellie is Lucy or Aikanes Silver Lucille, the sire is Ranchboss Cortez.

Greenbank Hollow Farm raises only a few foals per year to be able to give them all the love and attention they need in those early months. About our Sport Morgans ⇒.

Greenbank Hollow Farm is also home to a family of superior Irish Setters. These Irish setters are family pets, raised in the house with love and come from a quality bloodline of old imported gentlemen hunting dogs. View our Irish Setters ⇒.